The Buyer/Creator's Guide to the Asset Connection

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Asset Connection, where we're evolving a new way of connecting Buyers and Creators of stock 3D assets.  Our mission is to empower Creators to share and Buyers to locate the right stock assets for any project by allowing members to post what they're selling or seeking on whichever marketplace suits them best, in a format that's easy for everyone to search and share.

  • Register & Set Up a Profile

    The first step is to create an account.  Whether you're primarily a Buyer or Creator of stock assets or a bit of both, the process is the same:  Register and note any stock asset needs in your bio.  Space for external links is provided on every profile to help you network!

  • Post Want Ads & Sale Ads

    Once you've got a profile set up, you can tell other people what stock assets you're selling or looking to buy by posting Sale Ads and/or Want Ads.  Both types of Ads appear on the Asset Connection's main Ads page.  Stock asset categories include 2D, 3D, Audio, Effects, and Tools.

  • Search, Browse & Interact

    From the main Ads page, you can browse and search by Ad or asset type, view Ad details, and engage in dialogues with Ad authors.  Expand your network by sharing what you're looking for and offering resources.  Feel free to ask for clarification or suggest customizations on any Ad.

As of Q1 2023, the Asset Connection is officially entering the alpha test phase!  We are devoted to learning which options and instructions would help you most, so please visit our Feature Wish List to rate and provide feedback on in-progress site functionality.